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Museo de América

Discover America in Madrid

Explore the echoes of American cultures, from prehistoric times to the present day and from Alaska to Tierra de Fuego, through the museum’s various collections.

The permanent exhibit, which includes collections from the pre-Hispanic era, from the colonial era, and ethnographic collections, invites us to take a journey through American cultural and social diversity within five thematic areas: discovering America, American Reality, Society, Religion and Communication. Along this journey, you’ll be able to discover some of the highlights of the museum’s collection, such as the Codex Tro-Cortesianus, one of only three surviving Mayan codices in the world; the Quimbaya Treasure, a unique set of pre-Hispanic Colombian metalwork; the “enconchados” (nacre incrustation) series, the caste series, and magnificent folding screens, all of which date from the New Spain Viceroyalty; feathered headdresses and adornments from Amazonian cultures; helmets, collars and armour from the north-western North American coast, and many more objects that will accompany you as you explore the American continent and its cultures.

  1. Return to the lost world of the Native Americans

    December 2017:
    The venue is beautiful, next to “Faro de Moncloa”! General Entrance is only 3 euros. Check opening hours!
    Temporary exhibition are always of interest.

    March 2017: Do not miss it if you are close to the trans world!
    This fantastic museum of Madrid brings the one and only exhibition about Trans reality for World Pride Madrid 2017.

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