Madrid Gay Pride is an annual celebration of the LGBT+ community that takes place in the city of Madrid. The event is organized by the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (FELGTB) and usually includes parades, concerts, and cultural events in various parts of the city.

Gay Pride began in 1978 and is held every year in June. The event is an opportunity for the LGBT+ community to come together and celebrate their diversity and visibility, and is also used to draw attention to important issues related to the rights and equality of the LGBT+ community.

From Friday June 23 to Sunday July 2, 2023

How did the event start in 1978 and how has it evolved over the years?

The history of Gay Pride Day begins in 1978, when a group of LGBT+ activists decided to organize an annual celebration to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York. The first event, known as “Gay Pride Day”, took place on June 25, 1978 and consisted of a parade and a series of cultural activities in different parts of the city.

Over the years, Madrid Gay Pride has evolved and has become one of the most important events for the LGBT+ community in Spain and in the world. As the celebration has grown in popularity, it has attracted an increasing number of participants and spectators. Currently, the event is held in the month of June and features a parade, concerts, exhibitions and a series of cultural events in various parts of the city.

In addition to being an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and visibility of the LGBT+ community, Madrid Gay Pride has also become a platform to address important issues related to the rights and equality of the LGBT+ community. Over the years, the event has been used to draw attention to issues such as marriage equality, adoption by same-sex couples, and discrimination in the workplace.

Gay Pride Madrid - Madroño
Gay Pride Madrid - Congress of Deputies

Gay Pride Day Parade

The Gay Pride Day Parade is one of the highlights of the annual celebration, attracting thousands of participants and spectators each year. The parade route takes place on Paseo del Prado (formerly on Gran Vía), one of Madrid’s main avenues, and ends at Plaza de Cibeles, one of Madrid’s most emblematic squares.

Parade participants include a wide variety of people from the LGBT+ community, including groups of friends, LGBT+ organizations, and advocacy groups. There is also a wide variety of decorated floats and vehicles accompanying the parade, each with a specific theme or message.

The parade extends through several streets and neighborhoods of the city, such as the Plaza de Chueca, a neighborhood known for its large presence of the LGBT+ community.

Madrid Gay Pride - Parade
Madrid Gay Pride - Parade

Activities and cultural events during Madrid Gay Pride

During Pride, a variety of cultural activities and events take place in different parts of the city. Some of the more common activities include:

  • Parties and night events: Many bars, discos and clubs in the city organize theme parties during the event, to celebrate diversity and the LGBT+ community. Consult the Parties Calendar.
  • Concerts: There are several free concerts in different places in the city, which attract a large number of people. The artists are usually from the LGBT+ scene and allies of the community, such as Alaska and Mario, La Prohibida, Mónica Naranjo, Conchita Wurst, Kylie Minogue…
  • Exhibitions: Throughout the event, several thematic exhibitions related to the LGBT+ community are held in different museums and galleries in the city.
    Conferences and debates: There are a series of conferences and debates on topics related to the rights and equality of the LGBT+ community, organized by non-governmental organizations and experts in the field.
  • Educational workshops and activities: Educational workshops and activities are carried out for adults and children, with the aim of promoting education and awareness on issues related to the LGBT+ community.

Friday June 23

Chueca’s Pride

Sunday June 25

Feathers and Paws

June 28 to July 2

Musical performances

Thursday June 29

High Heels Race

Thursday June 29

Madrid Summit 2023

Friday June 30

16th Edition Mr. Gay Pride Spain

Gay Pride 2023 Program

Friday June 23: Chueca’s Pride

This year, the celebration begins with a series of acts and events organized in different places in the area. Events include parades, concerts, parties, and other activities that aim to celebrate diversity and the LGBT+ community in the Chueca neighborhood.

Sunday June 25: Feathers and Paws

The Pride celebration is not only for people; pets also have their place at the party in Pedro Zerolo Square, starting at 7 p.m. It is an opportunity for pet owners and their furry friends to celebrate Pride together. To fight against animal abuse, there will be a photo booth, a charity market, and a parade of adopted pets.

Orgullo Gay Madrid - Plumas y Patitas

Wednesday June 28: Pride Proclamation

The proclamation is one of the most anticipated events of Madrid Gay Pride week. This event takes place in the Chueca neighborhood and officially kicks off the celebration of diversity and equality.

The event features a guest speaker, a prominent figure from the LGBT+ community or an LGBT+ advocate who will give an inspiring and moving speech on the importance of diversity and equality. In addition, there will be performances by artists and musicians, offering a wide variety of entertainment and celebration for all attendees. The proclamation is the perfect start to a week full of excitement and celebration.

La Pregonera 2023: La Plexy

June 28 to July 2. Musical performances

The stages of Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, Plaza de Rey, Plaza de Callao and Plaza de España host musical performances full of energy and diversity during Madrid Gay Pride.

Plaza PEdro ZEROLO – Orgullo de Chueca STAGE

From Wednesday, June 28th, to Saturday, July 1st.

Chueca becomes the epicenter of various activities during the MADO Festival. In addition to the emblematic opening speech that kicks off the festival on June 28th, there will be performances by drag queens and transformists, as well as vibrant parties in the venues of the Chueca neighborhood. Not to forget mentioning the “Orgullo 2000” gala, which will bring together iconic artists from the first decade of the century.

  • Wednesday june 30:
    • 20:00 – La Plexy
    • 21:00 – Blanca Paloma, Bailo Bailo, La Helen
    • 21:30 – Black & White
  • Thursday june 29:
    • 20:00 – Reina Pop
    • 21:00 – Orgullosas de star para poder avanzar
    • 21:30 – Maricoin
  • Friday june 30:
    • 20:00 – LL Show Bar
    • 21:00 – Vuélvete Loca
    • 22:00 – The Queer Travel By Visit Chueca
    • 23:00 – Super Prima’s Festival
  • Saturday july 01:
    • 20:00 – Maravilla’s Party
    • 21:00 – Rainmbow Party
    • 22:00 – Dlro Live Pride
    • 23:00 – You&Me

Plaza del Rey – Plaza de las Reinas STAGE

From Wednesday, June 28th, to Sunday, July 2nd.

A special space has been reserved for LTB+ women, featuring a series of outstanding performances. Among the participating artists are Ladilla Rusa, Jimena Amarillo, Yoly Saa, La Mare & María Ruiz, Martina di Rosso, and Isla Lavanda, among many others.

  • Wednesday june 28:
    • 20:00 – Patricia Galván, Leen Beat, Paula Mattheus
    • 21:00 – Ladilla Rusa
    • 22:00 – Dj Set Belén Aguilera & Ruptura
  • Thursday june 29:
    • 20:00 – Sheila González, Suu, La Mare Y María Ruiz
    • 21:00 – Yoly Saa
    • 22:00 – Jimena Amarillo
  • Friday june 30:
    • 20:00 – Silvina Magari, Martina Di Rosso, Samuraï
    • 21:00 – Marlena
    • 22:00 – Marta Sangó
    • 23:00 – Fulanita De Tal
  • Saturday july 01:
    • 20:00 – Silvina Magari, Isla Lavanda,
    • 21:00 – Gala Nell, María Aguado
    • 22:00 – Safree, Fluide Scape Party
  • Sunday july 02 de:
    • 19:00 – Silvina Magari, Trofeos Del Campeonato De Fútbol Fulanita, Julia Martín
    • 20:00 – La Fiesta
    • 21:00 – Rocío Saiz
    • 22:00 – DJs

Plaza de Callao – Orgullo de Europa STAGE

From Wednesday, June 28th, to Saturday, July 1st.

It will be the epicenter of various musical proposals. The programming will encompass a wide variety of styles and themes.

On Thursday, June 29th, the “Proud Portugal” gala will be celebrated, honoring our Portuguese neighbors. It will be an evening filled with emotions and talent.

On Friday, June 30th, the stage will host the urban music festival “Proud Bling”, organized by renowned DJ Cascales. This event will feature the participation of prominent artists such as Paula Cendejas, Chico Blanco, and Simona, among others. Additionally, the closing of this day will be led by the talented French DJ Barbara Butch, in collaboration with L’Institut Français de Madrid.

And to culminate this musical weekend, on Saturday, July 1st, a gala dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest and European DJs will take place. It will be a night full of energy and musical diversity.

  • Wednesday june 28:
    • 20:00 – Gen Playz Xl
    • 22:00 – Teddy Bear Party
  • Thursday june 29:
    • 20:00 – Drag Show By Finalmente Club Lisboa
    • 20:40 – Slay By Trumps Lisbon Club
    • 21:15 – Favela Lacroix
    • 21:30 – Saint Caboclo
    • 22:00 – Enjoy Party Lisbon
  • Friday june 30:
    • 20:00 – Samantha Ballantines, Bajocero X, Paula Cendejas, El Gg, E’femme
    • 21:00 – E’femme, Simona, Fusa Nocta
    • 22:00 – Rakky Ripper, Chico Blanco, Ptazeta
    • 23:00 – Cascales
    • 01:00 – Dj Barbara Butch
  • Saturday july 01:
    • 20:00 – Lara Sajen, Music, Love & Postureo!
    • 23:00 – Eurovisión Pride
    • 00:30 – Master Pride Orgullo
    • 01:30 – Orgullo Radio Music Fest

Plaza de España – Orgullo de MADRID STAGE

From Wednesday, June 28th, to Sunday, July 2nd.

In the emblematic Plaza de España, an exceptional programming has been prepared to delight all attendees. The stage will welcome renowned artists such as Paulina Rubio, Falete, Miranda!, Lorena Gómez, Ricky Merino, Natalia, Marta Sango, Amparo Sandino, Edith Salazar, and Naíza, who will captivate with their talent and energy. This event promises to be an experience filled with music, emotion, and top-notch entertainment. There is no doubt that Plaza de España will become the epicenter of pride.

  • Thursday june 29:
    • 20:00 – Jota Carajota, Álvaro Sola, Christian Mira, Nacha La Macha,
    • 21:00 – Marisol Bizcocho, Dani Dutrera
    • 22:00 – La Negri, Falete
    • 23:00 – Carlos Rodríguez Company
  • Friday june 30:
    • 20:00 – Lara Sajen, Sofia Cristo
    • 21:00 – Fani, Amor Romeira, Natalia
    • 22:00 – Mr Gay España 2023, Mirela
    • 23:00 – Ruth Lorenzo, Paulina Rubio
    • 01:00 – Dj Suri
  • Saturday july 01:
    • 20:00 – Tombolón Maricon
    • 21:00 – Juana, Marina Galán, Pascal Gaona, Dan Abedrop
    • 22:00 – Virya Cruz, Tess, Carlos Right, Marta Sango
    • 23:00 – Ricky Merino, Lorena Gómez, Pastora Soler
    • 00:00 – Gemelliers, Churros Con Chocolate
    • 01:00 – Javi Mota, Vi Edición De People Fm Pride Fest
  • Sunday july 02:
    • 20:00 – Ballet Del Orgullo, Yadam, Naíza, Ariell, Sudor Marika
    • 21:00 – Amparo Sandino, Edith Salazar, Mancandy, Marcos French
    • 22:00 – Ari Moore, Karina, Lucrecia, Tokischa
    • 23:00 – Miranda!, La Terremoto

Thursday June 29: High Heels Race

Get ready to put your skills and style to the test with the High Heels Race! During Gay Pride in Madrid, Calle de Pelayo is filled with people challenging their skills and their heels while running in Christian Louboutin platforms. It is an unmissable event! Whether you’re a heel expert or a beginner, this is for you! Get ready to laugh, have fun, and maybe even win an award for best style. Don’t miss out on the High Heels Race fun!

Orgullo Gay Madrid - High Heels Race

Thursday June 29: Madrid Summit 2023

The Madrid Summit 2023 will be an international conference on human rights. The event will bring together leaders of the LGBT community and human rights defenders from around the world to discuss important issues such as equality, inclusion and the fight against discrimination.

In this edition, special attention will be paid to the situation of the collective in Europe and the role of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the protection of human rights in countries such as Hungary and Poland will be analysed. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and advances in terms of LGTBIQ+ rights in the European context, and discuss measures to promote equality and inclusion throughout the region.

Friday June 30: 16th Edition Mr. Gay Pride Spain

Attention all singles! Mr Gay Spain is in the contest and he’s ready to make you smile! Are you a fan of men with style and personality? Then this is your chance to meet the most handsome, funniest man with a big heart in the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the future Mr Gay Spain!

Orgullo Gay Madrid - Who is Mr Gay

Saturday July 1 19h00: Pride Parade

Get ready for an explosion of colors, rhythm and fun! The Madrid Pride demonstration is a street party where associations and floats full of joy and enthusiasm celebrate love and pride in being who they are. Imagine a sea of people dancing and singing at the same time, all united in celebrating diversity! Don’t miss this exciting celebration in Madrid!

Gay Pride Madrid - Parade

Sunday July 2: Closing MADO’23 Plaza de España

The last act of Madrid Pride is the highlight of a week full of emotions, joy, diversity and unconditional love.

It will be dedicated to “Latin Pride,” providing a platform for LGBTQ+ Latin artists who are icons for the community. Among the prominent artists participating are Miranda! and Maximiliano Calvo from Argentina, Amparo Sandino from Colombia, Edith Salazar and Karina from Venezuela, and Naiza from Ecuador, to name just a few. It will be a night of talent, diversity, and Latin pride at its fullest expression.

When is the gay pride in Madrid?

From Friday June 23 to Sunday July 2, 2023

What day is gay pride?

On Saturday, July 1, 2023

When is the election of Mr. Gay Pride Spain?

Friday June 30, 2023

Parties Calendar of Madrid Gay Pride 2023

Evolution Privée Club - Pride After Party. 🌈🌟 Join Evolution Privée club for the ultimate after party during all of Madrid Pride! Featuring an awesome lineup of DJs: Armand Code, Charlitos Blue, Erik Lopez, Esteban Lopez, Funes Dj, Ivan Rincón, Jesús Redsoul, Juandi Garcia, Juan Lights, Veronel, Xabi Rain 🌈💖 24 June 2023 06:00 - 03 July 2023 06:00. Evolution Privée Club.
@evolutionprivateclub #evolutionprivateclub armandcode @djcharlitosblue @eriklopezdj @djestebanlopez ivanrinconalbert @jesus_redsoul @juandigarcia_dj @juanlightsdj @xabiraindj #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
MyPleasure Pride Fest. 🌈🌟 Incredible week filled with 5 sizzling fetish parties celebrating freedom, diversity, respect, privacy, and a passion for music! all of Madrid Pride! Featuring DJs: Jennifer Cardini, Tobi Neumann, Marcos In Dub, fka.m4a, Ketiov, Fernanda Arrau, Confidential Recipe, Diskoan, DVS1, Dr. Rubinstein 🌈💖 25 June 2023 18:00 - 02 July 2023 18:00. Tirso, Gothan, Zenith, Sala Changó, Sala But. @jennifercardini @djtobineumann @marcos_in_dub @fka.m4a @ketiov @fernanda_arrau @diskoan @confidentialrecipe @dvs1hush @dr.rubinstein666 #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
McFit de Delicias - Pride Event. 🌈💪 A special event is taking place for Madrid Pride Week at Mcfit Delicias. This event is open to the public and welcomes anyone who wants to come and train with a companion. Starting at 5:00 PM, there will be a live DJ (Udru Kush), Group Workout classes, Zumba, and Gap sessions. There will also be merchandise giveaways and much more. +info reservations, call +34 915 307 457. 🌈💖 27 June 2023 17:00 - 27 June 2023 23:00. McFit de Delicias.
@mcfit_es #mcfit_es #mcfitdelicias #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Republik Pride Week. 🌈🎉 Announcing Republik Club Pride Week, featuring 6 parties: Toro, Angels, TeddyBear, Minitel, El PutiClub de Charlotte, and Kabaret 3.0. Experience the electrifying sounds of DJs Enrico Meloni, Luna Gil, Erik Vilar, Camila Gil, Omar Segura, Pablo Vega, Hixel, Robin Tooth, Carlos Salinas, Suri, Hugo Chavez, Mariano Dj, Juanse, and Dani Karman. 🌈❤️ 27 June 2023 23:00 - 02 July 2023 23:00. Republik Club.
@republikclub6 #republikclub6 @luna.gilreal @camilagildjoficial @djomarsegura @enricomeloniofficial @djsurimusic @erikvilar @hixelmusicon @pablovegaah @danielkarmandj @juanse_guerrero @djhugosanchez @robin_tooth @carlossalinasdj @mariano_dj #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Candy Pride. 🌈🌟 Wednesday, June 28, the Candy Club is presented at Sala But, and you can't miss this night with DJs Lope and Raul Mata and Ana Julieta. 🌈💖 28 June 2023 23:00 - 29 June 2023 06:00. Sala But.
@candyclubmadrid @soyraulmata @lopemunoz @anajulietag #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Macho Party XXL. 🌈🌟 Madrid's only men party XXL Pride edition! With DJ Charly and Chris Bekker. 🌈💖 29 June 2023 23:00 - 30 June 2023 06:00. Sala La Riviera.
@wepartygroup #wepartygroup @machoparty @djcharlymadrid_ @chris_bekker #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023🏳️‍🌈
SUNDIA Olé! Open air party 🌞🍉 Sundia Party, the thrilling open-air event happening at Fabrik Madrid! 🌈💖 Indulge in delicious paella, refreshing watermelon, and delightful ice cream while enjoying the beats of the DJs: Allison Nunes, Binomio, Nat Valverde, De Felipe, Alvaro Lopez, Marcelo, and Domingo. 🌈💖 30 June 2023 16:00 - 30 June 2023 23:59. Fabrik.
@wepartygroup #wepartygroup @djallisonnunes @binomiodj @natvalverde @defelipedj @alvaro_lopez_music #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Into The Tank - Main Party. 🌈 The Main Official Party of the Gay Pridesh Festival! 💃🎉 Get ready for an electrifying, masculine-suggestive atmosphere on the dance floor. Exclusively for men, with DJs Carranco, Jose Lagares, and Jas Hirson. Let's dance shirtless! 🔥🏳️‍🌈 30 June 2023 23:00 - 01 July 2023 06:00. Strong The Club.
@strongtheclub #strongtheclub carranco @joselagaresdj @dj_jas_hirson #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Viva!Pop Festival. 🌈🎉 Exciting news! Viva!Pop Festival will be there, featuring the DJs Agu Lukke, Ari Korrales, Borja Sant, Crawford, Megayeyo, Luis Morillo, Pepino Marino, Prince Noir! 🎧 Let's celebrate the power of POP and Pride together. 🌈❤️ 30 June 2023 23:00 - 01 July 2023 06:00. Sala La Riviera.
@vivapopfestival #vivapopfestival @agulukke @arikorrales @borja_sant @luisemorillo @megayeyo @pepinomarino @prince_noir @yosoycrawford #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Tanga! Pride Festival 2023. 🌈🌟 3 Tanga parties, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 3 rooms (Pop+Hits, Urban & House) with Vicco, Eleni Foureira, Beth. 🌈💖 30 June 2023 23:30 - 02 July 2023 18:00. Teatro Barceló.
@tangapartymadrid #tangapartymadrid @foureira @bethrodergas #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Kluster - MEN party!. Get ready to experience one of the hottest parties at Gay Pride Madrid 2023 - the legendary Friday MEN Party! This year's edition is set to be better than ever before, featuring an impressive lineup of DJs including Pagano, Ben Menson, Juan Niño, and Dave Urania. 30 Jun 2023 23:59. Changó Club.
@klustermadrid #klustermadrid @m3nparty @djpagano @benmanson @dave_urania @juan.nino.toraco #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023
Odarko PRIDESH Fest23. 🌈🚀 PRIDESH Fest23 at STRONG The Club on SAT, 1st JULY 2023! Unleash the energy with electronic music, explicit action, and a mesmerizing atmosphere. MEN ONLY! Dress codes: leather, rubber, urban, clubbing, and more. Extra play rooms and endless spaces to explore. Save the date! 🔥🔞 01 July 2023 23:00 - 02 July 2023 06:00. Strong The Club.
@strongtheclub #strongtheclub @odarkoclub carranco #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
StarBabe Pride 2023. 🌈🌟 Unleash your inner star, babe! Starbabe Pride is back, and it's time to shine! With music Pop and Hits, DJs Xavi Rain and Hasheme, and stunning performances by Pussy Drag Dolls, Be proud, be bold, and let your star power light up the stage at Starbabe Pride 2023! 🌈💖 01 Jul 2023 23:59 - 02 July 2023 06:00. Lab The Club.
@starbabemadrid #starbabemadrid @lab.theclub #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
Orgullo Space of Sound. 🌈🚀 Join the celestial celebration at Space of Sound! 🎉✨ A special Gay Pride event, a 12-hour extravaganza in partnership with Kluster and M3N. Get ready to dance, unite, and express your true colors like never before! 🏳️‍🌈💃🕺 02 July 2023 17:00 - 03 July 2023 06:00. Lab The Club.
@space_ofsound #space_ofsound #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
We Party - Closing Party. 🎪 The Grand Finale! The closing party of We Pride Festival, The Greatest American Circus! An unforgettable night with DJs Tommy Love, Thomas Solvert, Ana Julieta, Chris Turina, and Sergio Tyler. Let's end this festival with a bang! 🌈💖 02 July 2023 21:00 - 03 July 2023 06:00. Sala La Riviera.
@wepartygroup #wepartygroup @djtommylove @thomassolvert @anajulietag @christurina @sergio.tyler #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023
BearPrideMadrid. 🐻🌈 BearPrideMadrid, the ultimate bear party, is coming to Ya'sta Club starting July 2nd at 23:30. DJs: Luis Yanguas and special guests from Furball Amsterdam, Bramsterdam, and Big General. Don't miss it! 🎉🔥 02 July 2023 23:30 - 03 July 2023 05:30. Ya'sta Club.
@barhotchueca #barhotchueca #gomadridpride #gay #madrid #gayfriendly #pride #gaypride #gaypridemadrid #instagay #gaymadrid #gayfollow #orgullogay #gayspain #madridpride #demadridalcielo #madridmemola #madridorgullo #gayparty #madridevents #mado2023 #madridorgullo2023

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