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Urbano Peluqueros

Hairdressing handsome guys since 100 years

The hairdresser Urbano Peluqueros is an iconic and traditional place located in Chueca. Founded in 1903, it has been the best-kept secret of the area for generations. Specializing in men’s haircuts, the salon is known for the skill and experience of brothers Miguel Ángel and José Luis.

Upon entering the salon, customers are greeted by a cool and relaxing atmosphere with classic decor. The space offers a wide range of services for men, from classic cuts to modern hairstyles. In addition to haircut services, Urbano Peluqueros also offers beard grooming services for those who want to maintain a clean and well-groomed beard.

The cozy and fun atmosphere of the salon makes customers feel right at home. Miguel Ángel and José Luis are true experts in their field and are always willing to offer advice and suggestions to their clients.

  1. Only 10 euros for a perfect Men's Cut

    Celebrating more than 100 years, this family business is very popular and frequented mostly by gays of Chueca, because they do a great job.
    Only 10 euros for a perfect Men’s Cut!
    They do not really speak English, French or Italian, so prepare your Spanish translation;)
    They also cut beard the way you love it. We highly recommend making an appointment to avoid waiting.

Calle de Colón 10
28004 Madrid
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Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 20:30 Sat: 09:00 - 14:30