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Primark Gran Via

Biggest Primark of Europe!

The famous Irish, low-cost fashion brand has this huge five-floor building on the Gran Vía occupying a surface area of 12,000 square meters, which at the time of its opening, was the chain’s largest store in Spain. The building dates back to 1924 where it housed the city’s first department store, the Madrid-Paris Department Store.

Primark is one of the largest companies in the European textile sector, with around 300 stores in various countries throughout Europe and the United States.

At Men’s floor, it is ALWAYS full of Gay.

Be sure not to missed it during your stay in Madrid, and during the Madrid Gay Pride.

Last but not least, prices are very very LOW!

  1. Incredible Prices, Store of 12.000 sqm2

    The biggest in mainland Europe – stretches across more than 12,000 square meters and five floors and features a range of women’s and men’s fashion as well as home wear.
    Avoid Rush hour as you might have to queue outside to get in!
    And be sure to check you have a big luggage to go back home;)
    You’ll buy a LOT at Primark.
    A must thing to do during Madrid Gay Pride.

Calle Gran Vía 32
28013 Madrid
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