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Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas

The Heart of Bullfighting

The Las Ventas Bullring, located in Madrid, Spain, stands as one of the world’s largest and most prestigious bullfighting arenas. Opened on June 17, 1931, it is distinguished by its striking Neo-Mudéjar architectural style, adorned with ceramic incrustations, and boasting a capacity for 23,798 spectators. This makes it the third-largest bullring globally and the second largest still in operation for its original purpose.

Designed by architect José Espeliú, Las Ventas is not only a hub for bullfighting but also a cultural complex housing a bullfighting museum, a chapel dedicated to the Virgins of Guadalupe and La Paloma, and state-of-the-art medical facilities. It also features three cultural halls and a small library with over 2,000 volumes.

The bullring has four levels and eleven sectors, divided by their exposure to the sun, offering a variety of experiences for spectators. Inside, there are two main patios: one for the bullfighting teams or horses and another for dragging, which houses the infirmary and veterinary inspections, as well as the Madrid Bullfighting Museum on the upper floor.

Throughout its nearly nine decades of history, Las Ventas has witnessed significant moments in bullfighting, from its first bullfight in 1931 to the establishment of the San Isidro Fair by Don Livinio Stuyck in 1947, securing its status as the world’s most important bullring.

Beyond bullfighting events, Las Ventas has hosted concerts by international artists like The Beatles, Diana Ross, Depeche Mode, AC/DC, Radiohead, Kylie Minogue, and Coldplay, along with other events like the Red Bull X Fighters FMX and tennis matches, including the Spanish Davis Cup team led by Rafael Nadal in 2008.

For those interested in exploring this iconic Madrid monument, Las Ventas offers tourist tours with audio guides in ten languages, private guided visits, and virtual reality experiences, allowing visitors from all over the world to discover the historical and cultural richness of the bullring.

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