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Limbo Madrid

Roast chicken comes in the future

Limbo is a chicken steakhouse in the neighborhood of Chueca (near Tribunal) located on the ground floor of Bastardo Hostel.

The entire building is new (completion of construction in August 2018). The decoration is provided by Triscaideca Estudio, following an industrial line in which high ceilings and wood mixed with iron work as perfect allies.

The space is huge and leaves the mouth open to anyone. We start until 12:30 with breakfast (one even includes roasted chicken). Then all day up to very late the food is simple & fast, cheap and very good.

In the brewery bar part, according to the day / schedule, there might be DJs, concerts or exhibitions.

  1. Chicken revolution in Chueca

    Opened since september 2018 next to tribunal, north chueca, the place is vibrant and full of young people. Have a look at it passing by chueca.

Calle de San Mateo 3
28004 Madrid
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Sun-Thu: 08:00-01:00 Fri-Sat: 08:00-02:00