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GYMAGE Lounge Resort

1st luxury resort at affordable price

Considered by some a mixture of a beach club and a sophisticated restaurant, the Gymage Terrace & Restaurant was created with the intention of being a sort of urban resort where multiple experiences await its guests. It’s the kind of place that whether you want to meet with friends for a Sunday brunch, after-work cocktails (the mojitos are said to be the best you can find in the city), or to hold a celebratory dinner, it’s the perfect location to relax in the open-air with incredible views of the city center at any time of the day. Furthermore, the rooftop terrace and restaurant aren’t just perfect for an escape during the summer months, but at any time of the year as an innovative climate system keeps the facilities at just the right temperature for your enjoyment.

The cuisine is a fusion of delicacies from around the world ranging from milkshakes and delicate desserts to tartars and hamburgers. Any palate will find something to please themselves here all within a reasonable price range. A Menú del Día is offered for the price of 10,90 euros starting at 1:30 pm.

The various types of seating arrangements, from sofas, beds, stools, hammocks, bar space, tables, to even a futuristic tube, provide the perfect area to pass hours at a time with your friends and loved ones. Volume-appropriate lounge music increases the festive atmosphere of the terrace and restaurant.

During the summer be sure to check in with the establishment about their much desired infinity pool and its availability.

  1. Probably the best rooftop of Madrid

    We love this place! The terrace rooftop with its 2 pools is just amazing. Prices are very affordable for a place of its kind. Reservations can be made through either email or telephone. A day at the pool is something like 20 euros.

Calle de la Luna 2
28004 Madrid
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