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Gallery of the Royal Collections

A Journey through History through Real Art

The Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid is a monumental museum project serving as a showcase and guardian for a vast collection of art and historical pieces gathered by the kings of Spain throughout history. Situated in a modern building above the Campo del Moro gardens, adjacent to the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace, it stands as a testament to the cultural and artistic wealth amassed by the Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties, featuring paintings, sculptures, tapestries, luxury items, carriages, and other artistic works.

The museum’s origins date back to the 1930s, but its realization spanned several decades, with numerous launch attempts interrupted by historical events such as the Spanish Civil War. It wasn’t until 1998 that Patrimonio Nacional revived the idea for this museum, with the winning proposal from architects Emilio Tuñón and Luis Moreno Mansilla selected in 2002 and construction beginning in 2006. After overcoming numerous delays and budget increases, the building was completed in 2015, though its public opening was postponed until the summer of 2023.

The gallery displays works by renowned artists such as Juan de Flandes, Albrecht Dürer, Michel Sittow, Caravaggio, Diego Velázquez, and Goya, among others. Highlights include Velázquez’s “White Horse,” Caravaggio’s “Salome with the Head of John the Baptist,” and a variety of historical tapestries and carriages. The significance of this collection lies not only in its artistic value but also in its historical importance, offering a window into the past of the Spanish monarchy and its influence on the art world.

The Royal Collections Gallery has been recognized with architectural awards, and its design and construction are as noteworthy as the works it houses. This space is not only an essential destination for art and history enthusiasts visiting Madrid but also acts as a steward of Spanish cultural wealth, ensuring future generations can appreciate and study this invaluable legacy.

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