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Ciriaco Brown

Elegance and flavor meet at Ciriaco Brown

Ciriaco Brown is a traditional liquor store located in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, designed by Pichiglas Studio and the artistic studio Yomuto.

Ciriaco Jiménez Brown is a fictional character whose name is given to the space, and his presence is felt throughout the place. He is a freeloader, with no known job, born in the 1940s, from a high Madrid aristocratic family. Eager for new adventures and lover of luxury and comfort, he has always known how to charm his interlocutors to get from them what best serves his benefit. He is one of those people whose presence makes you feel fortunate just to be included in his plans. He is an experienced traveler and his story is a mix of reality and fiction. He is known for his charisma, his ability to get others to pay for him, and his luxurious lifestyle.

With the motto “All Comfort”, the venue is divided into two areas:

  • The first area is a large bar with a wide selection of gins, tequilas, mezcals, whiskies, brandies, and rums.
  • The second area, on the upper floor, is the Gunilla room. This room is inspired by the Marbella jet-setter Gunilla von Bismarck, a Swedish socialite, model, and actress who lived in the 80s and 90s, famous for her luxurious lifestyle and her relationships with prominent figures in the world of art, fashion, and politics. With a decoration inspired by the 80s, prints on the walls, and of course, photos of Gunilla.

The elements used in the decoration of this cocktail bar have been recycled and reused, and have been acquired in the Madrid flea market. Tapestries of crows, deer, and peacocks are some examples of the details that bring a special touch to the atmosphere.

At Ciriaco Brown, you can also enjoy a wide variety of delicious cocktails such as the famous Pisco Sour or Margarita.

Calle de los Abades 13
28012 Madrid
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Thu: 19:30 - 05:00 Fri - Sat: 19:30 - 06:00 Sun: 16:00 - 03:00