Maiia Thai Restaurante

Thai Gourmet Cuisine

Located in downtown Madrid, you will find restaurant Maiia Thai, where you can enjoy a Thai cuisine that keeps the gastronomic tradition of the East with current, creative and innovative touches. All a stampede of tastes and aromas for everyone.

Maiia Thai offers a select menu with different dishes, created by the Australian Chef of the restaurant, whose experience and knowledge in Asian cuisine is more than recognized. Try a new experience and delve into the culture, cuisine and history of the Middle East.

Relax in a welcoming environment, romantic, perfect for any type of event.

Do not hesitate, Maiia Thai gives you a place to disconnect from the Madrid Gay Pride noisy places.

  1. Best Thai Restaurant in Madrid up to us

    Menu del Dia a 12 euros is available for lunch on weekdays. Get a 30% off reserving from it’s website!

Calle de la Princesa 13
28008 Madrid
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Sun - Mon: 13:00 – 16:00 and 20:00 - 00:00 Tue: Closed