Gay Night 2020 (Bars + Clubs) Madrid

I take you to the best (gay) night places in Madrid

Forget about all the common tourist sites. I’m going to show you how we live the party in Madrid. You do not call it “the city that never sleeps” before actually experience it. Welcome to Madrid at night I am your real host.

Each tour will include at least 4 different places, but with total flexibility. Depending on the date of the tour, we explore unique parts of Madrid: Chueca, Centro, Malasaña among others.

7 days a week I take you to the best places in Madrid by night.

Anyone with an open mind and an appetite for adventure and laughter is welcome. Before the end of the night, I make sure you come back home 🙂

A (big!) hug

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Plaza de Chueca 33-1
28004 Madrid
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