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Coque Madrid

2 Estrellas Michelin, 3M Guía Metrópoli y 3 Soles Repsol

It is the most outstanding opening of September 2017 in Madrid. Very few of us will try it, we talk about what is supposed to be the most luxurious restaurant in Madrid Capital.

The Sandoval brothers have landed in the Spanish capital ready to create a stir!

Mario (chef), Rafael (sommelier) and Juan Diego (restaurant manager) have made their dream of success in the Spanish capital come true with their restaurant Coque, after their success close to the province: Humanes de Madrid. Yes, Humanes de Madrid where we dance many of us in the Fabrik (world class) nightclub :).

This new Madrid restaurant with two Michelin stars, 5 stars goMadridPride, 3 Repsol soles and 13,000 bottles moved to the capital in October 2017 and reconverted the old Archy disco into its new premises. Chance? Party people? we do not know yet.

What we do know is that we talk about a luxury restaurant, we do not go here for dinner or lunch, but to live an EXCEPTIONAL culinary EXPERIENCE (and choose wines never seen in any restaurant winery).

Their cuisine goes far beyond what is seen on the plate, dissecting the culinary experience into five distinct areas (cocktail bar, wine cellar, kitchen, dining room and a dessert / post-dinner area), each of which is designed to surprise and provoke different emotions.

With a capacity for 70 people (1.100 m2), reservations are made online with a deposit of 50 euros that will be deducted. We know it’s a lot, but that’s how this new restaurant of Madrid is valued. With minimum prices of 130/180 euros per person (without wines) we talk about ultra luxury, but all in all, if we can afford it, we are talking about high quality culinary travel. Worth it!!

  1. Exceptional standard: Madrid's Hottest Luxury Restaurant

    2 stars Michelin Guide, 5 stars goMadridPride, 3 Soles Repsol Guide, 3 M Metrópoli Guide… If ever luxury is appealing to you and affordable to you, do not miss it. We are speaking about an Experience, not a “Luxury restaurant” among others. Try it and give us your feedback.

Calle del Marqués del Riscal 11
28010 Madrid
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Mar – Vie: 13:30–17:00 y 20:30–24:00 Sáb: 20:30–24:00 Dom – Lun: Cerrado