Gay Pride T-shirt

Are you looking for a shirt that celebrates your gay pride? We have just what you need! Our t-shirts are designed in Madrid and made in Spain with soft and comfortable cotton, and have colorful and original designs. Join us in celebrating love 🥰 and diversity and get your gay shirt today!

Gay Pride T-shirt - Royal Family

Royal Family Collection 2023

The “Royal Family” collection is a series of t-shirts featuring iconic designs of royalty, including a princess, queen, prince and king. All designs are sophisticated, with realistic details that will make you feel like you are part of the royal family 😉. In addition, each shirt has the inscription “of Madrid”, which makes it a tribute to the city and its history.

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Gay Pride T-shirt - Royal Animals

Royal Animals Collection 2023

The “Royal Animals” 🧸 collection is a series of t-shirts featuring animal designs, such as a dog and a bear, wearing royal crowns. These designs are fun and original. Like the “Royal Family” collection, the shirts feature the inscription “of Madrid” to link them to the previous collection. Get yours today and feel like a nature king or queen!

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Gay Pride T-shirt

Official Gay Pride Collection

The “Gay Pride” collection 🌈 is a series of t-shirts with the goMadridPride logo of the madroño bear from Madrid embroidered on the chest, in the colors of the rainbow. These t-shirts are perfect for attending the Madrid gay pride parade, as they give it an iconic and local touch. In addition, the bear embroidery makes this shirt unique and special, ideal to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community in Madrid.

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Gay Pride Caps

Gay Pride Caps Collection

Although you may not like wearing t-shirts 🐷 during the gay pride parade, Madrid’s summer heat will force you to bring something to protect you from the sun 🌞. The “Gay Pride” collection presents a series of caps with a unique design. The Madrid madroño bear logo is embroidered on the front, in the colors of the rainbow. These caps are ideal for protecting yourself from the sun during the Madrid Pride Parade, keeping you cool 🧊 and comfortable while you support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

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